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2014. július 26., szombat

XG Mobile for Android and iOS

XG Mobile is the portable version of the acclaimed program "eXtreme Gammon" for PC.
XG Mobile has been available iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for a few years, It is now available on your Android Device.
You can now have the strongest backgammon program in the palm of your hand on any of your mobile devices! Head to "Google Play" or the "App Store" to get it now.

XG Mobile is Free on Google Play or the App-Store, use in App-Purchase to unlock the Premium version for a complete experience

Standard Version (Free)

  • eXtreme Gammon World Class Engine
  • High Quality graphic interface
  • Play against the computer with levels from Champion to Beginner
  • Track your Progress, results and dice statistics
  • The Tutor mode let you know your mistakes as you play
  • Send position by email
  • Setup a position and analyze it
  • Competition Mode
  • Integrated Help
  • Share positions on Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Premium Version ($9.99)

  • All the Standard version features AND also
  • No Ads, Full screen board
  • Games are saved
  • Play with other players, using XG Mobile as a portable board
  • Stronger level for Tutor, Hint and Analyze
  • More boards and checkers choice to configure XG Mobile
  • Email saved games
  • Play match longer than 3 points
  • Play NackGammon Variation
  • Ability to Play from a setup position 

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