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2011. augusztus 13., szombat

BACKGAMMON ON THE BEACH 2011 - Grado, Olaszország

Ha valaki megy a badeni versenyre, és előtte pont Olaszországban jár, akkor itt tud ingyenes beülőt nyerni, valamint backgammon táblát is. Az olasz versenyre nevezési díj nincs.
Vigyetek fürdőruhát, mert a tengerparton lesz!

18/21 August, 2011BACKGAMMON ON THE BEACH 2010 – Grado Beach (Gorizia – Italy).
Where: Grado Beach (Gorizia, Italy)

Backgammon On The Beach is traditionally held at the principal beach of Grado, Italy the first weekend after 15th August. Events include two days of lessons (18th and 19th August), the Isola d’Oro Tournament (20th August), and the Friuli Venezia-Giulia Championship (21st August).
The tournaments are free-of-charge, but a donation of 10 Euros is greatly appreciated to cover organizational costs. For the Winners Cups, a free-of-charge WBF 2012 Golden Card, a backgammon board, and free-of-charge entry fee in the Intermediate for the next Mitteleuropa Backgammon Championship (Baden bei Wein, Austria, 31st August –4th September 2011, email: or call +39 337 303804.



Gazebo Gardens - Grado Beach (Grado, Gorizia – Italy)

Thursday 18th – Sunday 21st August, 2011

Isola d’Oro Tournament

Saturday 20th August, 2011

Friuli – Venezia Giulia Championship

Sunday 21 st August, 2011

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