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2014. november 21., péntek

FlashBack - backgammon app androidra, iosra

Új backgammon app jött ki a héten, több kategóriában tanulókártyákkal. Szerintem nagyon jó lesz, ha több kategória is lesz rá. A végjáték úgy is a gyengém, nehezen számolom ki az esélyeket.

Letölthető innen:
Play Store (Android) link here. App Store (iOS) link here

Bemásolom az eredeti angol leírást:

FlashBack helps you absorb large sets of essential backgammon information by presenting flashcards according to an optimized learning algorithm. Each card shows a question. Tap on the question to see the answer. Choose Hard, So-So, or Easy to rate the card. In Train-mode, cards rated Hard will be shown more often than cards rated Easy.
Decks in this initial release:
  • The Opening Roll at all scores in a 5-point match
  • Two and Three Checker Bearoff cube actions.
  • Match Equity Values in the 9-point match
  • Take Points (Live Cube and Dead) in the 9-point match
. . . with more decks on the way. 

  • Multiple board themes
  • Adjustable animation speed
  • Practice pip-counting with Show/Hide pips
  • Tap on a play to see it demonstrated on the board
  • Swap position to view Cube Action from Doubler's or Taker's perspective
  • Hints! Backgammon theory organized by topic.

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