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2012. szeptember 18., kedd

XG Mobile iphonera

Standard Version


    • eXtreme Gammon World Class Engine
    • High Quality graphic interface
    • Play against the computer with levels from Champion to Beginner
    • Track your Progress, results and dice statistics
    • The Tutor mode lets you know your mistakes as you play
    • Competition mode
    • Send position by email
    • Integrated help
    • Setup a position and analyze it



      Premium Version

      $9.95 (In-App Purchase)
      • All the Standard version features AND also
      • Games are saved
      • Play with other players, using XG mobile as a portable board
      • Stronger level for Tutor, Hint and Analyze
      • More boards and checkers choice to configure XG Mobile
      • Email saved games
      • Play match longer than 3 points
      • Play NackGammon Variation
      • Ability to Play from a setup position

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