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2012. június 9., szombat


Saturday  (JUNE 9th)
  9:30 am Registration: Final cash payments
 10-11:30 am CALCUTTA AUCTION & buybacks

  "OPEN  & ADVANCED" divisions
 11:15 am Public drawings for both divisions
 11:30 am 1st thru 3rd  rounds of play with automatic 2nd Chance and
     Consolation as matches are completed in the main draw.
  5:00 pm   Prepaid Banquet (2 hours)
  7:00 pm  PLAY continues 
     MAIN rounds 4-6 and 
        SECOND CHANCE rounds & 
        Consolation matches as available.
 USBGF-NC & Quickies available between matches
  No match started past 11:45pm.
                Quickies & Blitzes available between matches

  "LIMITED" division
 12:00 noon 1st - 4th rounds of play with automatic 2nd Chance & Consolation
      Matches as available.
  5:00 pm Prepaid Banquet (2 hours)
  7:00 pm PLAY continues; (often, the LTD Event completes on Saturday night) 
 12:30 am Expected end of play for Saturday


Sunday   (JUNE 10th)
  8:45 am "ROLL BETTER", Phil Simborg seminar

 10:00 am     Play continues for all divisions
                OPEN/ADV players MAIN, SECOND 
                Chance & Consolation rounds.
 10:30 am Last starting time for the USBGF-NC's
  Quickies continue.
 12:30 pm Depending upon interest:
       -DOUBLES (8 teams, $200 each)
       -Jackpots $50, 100, 300 ..?
 1:00 pm Semis & Finals for SUPER-32 & 
            Paul Dingwell Amateur
 2:00 pm USBGF-Nat'l Champ. Playoffs will begin
 3:00 pm FINALS for L.A. Open divisions
 7:30 pm Doubles & Jackpots should be completed.

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