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2012. május 24., csütörtök

32. Chicago Open Backgammon Bajnokság

Friday - May 25th

11:00 AM Registration Continues
11:00 AM World Backgammon Tournament of Champions Invitational Continues
1:00 PM Blitz Begins
2:00 PM Markowitz Masters (1st Start Time)
2:00 PM Limited Jackpot Begins
3:00 PM Seniors Tournament Begins
6:00 PM Chinese Food Buffet
7:00 PM Doubles Tournament Begins
7:00 PM Markowitz Masters (2nd Start Time)
8:00 PM Taki Board Tournament Begins
10:00 PM Registration Closes

Saturday - May 26th

9:00 AM Bagels, Lox, Fresh Fruit, & Yogurt
10:00 AM Calcutta Auction
11:00 AM Bari Sandwiches & Chips
11:30 AM Play Begins Open/Intermediate
1:00 PM Play begins Novice Division
1:30 PM 2nd Start Time Intermediate
3:30 PM 3rd Start Time Intermediate
6:00 PM Dinner Break / Optional Banquet
8:00 PM 4th Start time Intermediate
8:00 PM Play Resumes All Events

Sunday - May 27th

9:00 AM Bagels, Lox, Fresh Fruit, & Yogurt
9:45 AM USBGF Lecture with Giants Matvey "Falafel" Natanzon & Matt Cohn-Geier
11:00 AM Open “More Swiss” Resumes
11:00 AM 5th Start Time Intermediate
12:00 PM Play Begins Children’s Division
12:00 PM All Side Events Continue
12:30 PM Rotisserie Chicken & Sides Dishes
1:30 PM Sunday Jackpots begin
2:00 PM 6th Start Time Intermediate
5:00 PM Playoff & Consolation begin for Intermediate
6:30 PM Rosati’s Pizza & Salad
8:00 PM Blitz Playoff Begins

Monday - May 28th

9:00 AM Doughnuts, Fresh Fruit, & Yogurt
10:00 AM USBGF Lecture w/ Phil Simborg (For Intermediates but all are welcome)
11:30 AM Last Chance Intermediate
11:30 AM Open “More Swiss” Resumes
12:30 PM Potbelly’s Sandwiches
2:00 PM After Tourney Tourney Begins
4:00 PM Last Entry For After Tourney Tourney

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